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Mural art helping kids learn in Cookeville, Tennessee

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share a mural that I designed and painted for Cane Creek Elementary School here in Cookeville, TN. The students are required to learn the state symbols and the principal had a vision of a mural in the cafeteria to incorporate them. One of the teachers recommended me for the job and I jumped at the opportunity.

This was the original wall space

It was cute and had been there for years but it was time for a change!

So the wall prep began!

Before I started painting, I needed a plan. Keeping in mind that I wanted to honor the state, it's regions and symbols, the sketching began. After I went through about three drafts, I felt comfortable I had good bones for the project.

This project was such a joy to work on and as I went along I added as many state symbols as I could fit in!

and here is the final result!

The state symbols are clearly labeled throughout the mural so it is a mural on a mission to help kids learn! Thank you for allowing me to share the evolution of this project. Don't forget to do something to nurture YOUR creativity today!

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